Nestled in Hakuba Happo hot spring resort,
a modern Japanese-style Inn, Yamanosato Hotel Hakuba Hifumi




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Regarding Reservations for 2024-25 Winter Season

Regarding Reservations for 2024-25 Winter Season

We all the staff could spend a great 2023-24 winter season peacefully. There were so many happy meetings here at Hotel Hakuba Hifumi.  Thank you so much.
Now, we are slowly but surely moving towards next 2024-25 winter season.
After much consideration, we at Hotel Hakuba Hifumi have deemed it necessary to adjust our rates; we have decided to implement a 20% increase.  This is not only because we need to meet corresponding cost increases, but also because we want to provide more exclusive service than before. This was a tough decision to make; we understand how it affects our guests.  Therefore, we thank you for your ongoing support.  We trust that these changes will help us continue providing you with premium quality of service.
Currently, Hotel Hakuba Hifumi is accepting inquiry/requests for the 2024-25 winter season only through email. (All reservations will be confirmed at a later date in July.) 
We all the staff look forward to meeting with you next winter! 

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