Nestled in Hakuba Happo hot spring resort,
a modern Japanese-style Inn, Yamanosato Hotel Hakuba Hifumi




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Latest Notes on Booking for 2022-23 WINTER SEASON

For those who make reservations with Hotel Hakuba Hifumi,

Thank you very much for visiting our website.
If you would like to make a reservation at our hotel, please email to our reservation address: hotel.hakuba.hifumi@gmail.com. Booking Request Form is at the bottom of this message. 
At the same time, please read the important note regarding the reservation.
As you may know, trips to Japan are currently restricted to a limited number of tourists.  On September 7th, Japan started to accept more overseas tourists by allowing non-guided package tours, but not private tourists yet.   So, all overseas reservations at Hotel Hakuba Hifumi are temporary for now until mid-October when we will hopefully find out whether the Japanese Government will waive more restrictions.
We keep checking the situations around the entry restrictions by the Japanese government.  After that, our hotel will email each of those who have made reservations with us again in early October, telling you what we will do about your temporary reservation.  There is a case when we have to cancel some reservations if restrictions remain the same.
We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we hope you kindly understand.  Thank you very much for reading all those messages.   We really hope to see you soon.


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Please fill out the form below to include them in your email to hotel.hakuba.hifumi@gmail.com.
Please be noted that sending this form does not secure a room yet.  Please kindly wait for our reply with the availability.
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*A… My trip to Hakuba/Japan has already been confirmed.  We all fellow travelers including me are not subject to the entry restrictions by the Japanese Government concerning the covid-19.
*B… My trip to Japan is not confirmed yet.  It is up to regulation release by the Japanese Government.
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