Nestled in Hakuba Happo hot spring resort,
a modern Japanese-style Inn, Yamanosato Hotel Hakuba Hifumi




Protective Measures against Coronavirus (COVID-19)


4 things to do during your stay


We take actions based on the guidelines from Nagano prefecture.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated to act against Coronavirus.

We, Hotel Hakuba Hifumi, give greater importance to the safety of our guests. In order to do that, we actively collect information and train our staff well.

・Use of Facemasks・
All the hotel staff wear facemasks at all times.

We ventilate our hotel regularly.
Please ventilate your room during your stay.  Thank you very much. 


・Body Temperature Check・
We all the staff undergo a body temperature examination every morning.


“Can I really come to Hotel Hakuba Hifumi and feel welcome in times like this?”
“I’m afraid our visit may cause any trouble to Hotel Hakuba Hifumi…”

Recently, we are increasingly getting this kind of concerns via telephone calls.
“Can I really come to Hotel Hakuba Hifumi and feel welcome in times like this?”

Yes, you are more than welcome!
Please do not worry in that ways, and feel free
to visit Hakuba and enjoy the vast landscapes and great nature.

 “I’m afraid our visit may cause any trouble to Hotel Hakuba Hifumi…”

Again, please do not feel in that ways.  We take protective measures against Coronavirus (COVID-19) as follows.
To prevent infection, it is very important to have both
(1) Hotel’s effort
(2) Guests’ effort
at the same time.

(1) Hotel’s effort 

★Guest rooms are now limited to only 6 rooms which have private onsen in each room.  In that way we can reduce the amount of times the guests are in contact with other guests.

★2 large common onsen rooms are now limited for private use only.  So, you do not have to share the bathrooms with other guests.  In that way you can fully enjoy the elegance of Hakuba Happo Onsen without any concerns.
★Tables are reassuringly spaced apart in our dining room.  Please relax and enjoy your meal without any concerns.  If necessary, as a more separated space, you can use our Irori space at the lobby or a private room (to be charged).  Please feel free to tell us what you need.
★Ventilation and disinfecting are implemented regularly. For your convenience, complimentary hand sanitizer is available at locations throughout the hotel.
★After regular cleaning, rooms and buildings are fumigated using highly concentrated ozone gas.

These measures above are the basic measures according to Guidelines.
We are also studying and trying to do everything we can do, sometimes with the help of technology, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

(2) Guests’ effort

★Please consult the Health Center nearby, if you have fever (37.5℃ and over), a taste disorder, or a sense of fatigue; before you come into our hotel.  We reserve the right to refuse accommodation and access to the hotel based on your health condition, regardless of any reservations. Thank you for your kind understanding.

★We highly recommend for our guests to wear masks in our hotel, especially at the check-in/out times.
★We check your body temperature from the wrist.  If the temperature is 37.5℃ or higher, we reserve the right to refuse accommodation and access to the hotel.

★Hand sanitizer is now available throughout the hotel. We highly recommend practicing proper hand sanitization at all times.

That is all.
Although we are still in the process of considering our options to find which ones are the best, the most fundamental of all the efforts we make is to defeat Coronavirus and to ensure our guests’ safe stay.

We apologize for the inconvenience by the measures we take.  However, we keep challenging for the “New Normal Tourism”, trying our best to satisfy our guests even under these conditions.  We hope to hear positive voices like “We enjoyed staying at Hotel Hakuba Hifumi without worry at all!”  
We look forward to your visit sincerely.